Our requirements to quality restrain not only our products. The satisfaction of our clients and employees is our utmost concern.

First priority has a resource-gentle and local production. As far as possible, we let our fabrics produced in the near of St. Gallen and finished in ancient companies of Appenzell.


Our craftshouse is a third-generation family business, lead by Matthias Heé. We are located directly at the main station of St. Gallen – in the middle of the heart of the beautiful city of textiles with ancient history.

We, like our ancestors before, focus on the development and sale of our produces. The bloom of the embroidery-industry started 1828 with the invention of the manual embroidery machine. Franz Mange bought two such machines and produced mechanical embroideries.

The 1856 built embroidery factory in St. Gallen Bruggen itself had temporarily 120 machines processing high-quality Swiss fabrics. About 1910 the embroidery production was with 18 percent the biggest export twig of the Swiss economy and over 50 percent of the worldwide production arose from St. Gallen.

The laces from St. Gallen are still a popular base for expensive creations – the haute couture of Paris for example.


Okutex is a creative, lively company which we aim to develop in a healthy and stable way in the exigent market of textiles.

Quality has a central role. Our fabrics meet the highest quality standards and are all produced in Europe, mostly in Switzerland.

Our Vision does not stop with our company. We would like to continue the ancient textile-tradition of St. Gallen and we want to pass on our knowledge to the following generations. Essential is a firm belief in St. Gallen as the perfect location of the traditional textiles-industry.

Another essential point is a step into a more sustainable future. We will extend our assortment with bio-fabrics to satisfy the demand of ecological products.