Okutex is a leading sophisticated textiles company based in St.Gallen, a place renowned for its longstanding tradition as the centre of the textile industry

Our Story

The history of Okutex dates back to 1922 when Ulrich Höhener founded the textile company in St. Gallen. The company was a weaving mill for local customers in the eastern part of Switzerland, which was famous for producing the finest cotton qualities.

In 1949, his son-in-law Jules Heé took over the company and expanded globally by selling textile fabrics to international markets including Africa, the Middle East, Japan and the US. 

In 1982, the company was passed on to the third generation when Jules’ son Matthias Heé started to run the family business. He gradually established the business as a leading supplier of high-quality and exclusive textile fabrics, serving customers worldwide.

Our Products

Okutex has always focused on the exquisite quality of its products. We are committed to the highest quality standards of our cottons, embroideries and prints.

True to tradition, we are proud to primarily produce our exclusive fabrics and embroideries in Switzerland. Local production guarantees the exclusivity and the highest quality of our products.

St. Gallen has been historically known for the finest quality of its cottons and embroidery since the 19th century. Today, the few embroidery factories which are left in the region still produce exclusive fabrics for the greatest luxury fashion designers in the world.

Excellence, creativity and innovation are at the heart of our products. We are dedicated to the creation of new designs to continuously offer our customers unique textile fabrics.

We are also committed to a production process respecting the environment whilst guaranteeing the quality of our products.

Family Spirit

Okutex has successfully preserved a strong family spirit, which has been a key driver of the profitable and long-term growth of the business.

Our culture is firmly rooted in the family values that have characterized Okutex throughout the company’s history.


Our vision of the future builds on a long and ancient textile tradition of St. Gallen.

We aim to craft the future by respecting and preserving the unique savoir-faire and heritage of exquisite textile fabrics, which are the foundation of Okutex.


Innovation and creativity are part of our DNA.

Our goal is to fulfill our customers’ aspirations with creativity and sophistication. Okutex has cultivated a unique savoir-faire to develop exclusive, innovative and sophisticated fabrics.


Quality is a core value at Okutex.

We are guided by a constant quest for excellence to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards of our customers.


We are committed to enhancing the sustainability of our products and processes in order to have a positive impact on our ecosystem.
Okutex is actively working to drive positive ethical and environmental changes across its value chain with the objective to create a more sustainable future.